Interested in 'Learning' some of the Concepts and Must-Know-Information that's absolutely crucial to achieving RESULTS? Come along to one of our Workshops and Empower yourself with the Knowledge needed to firstly Create and Maintain positive CHANGE!


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What's Included?

Full Disclosure

We're super keen to share some of our insights, experience, knowledge and wisdom in regards to harnessing our metabolisms, and creating favorable physiological changes that help you Lose Fat, or Build Muscle! It's important to that if you're serious about making positive change, whether it be losing fat, or gaining muscle, to come and learn about your physiology and the training and nutritional factors that influence it for better or worse.

  • Why do we run these Workshops? Frustration. There's so much mis-information out there. And nothing gets our spirits down more than seeing people with the 'Will' to change, but they put all their time and energy into flawed or sub-optimal methodologies. 

Enough is Enough!

Meet Us!

Before you work with anyone, or hire any professional, you need to know about them from the inside out. By coming to one of our Workshops you'll get some serious insight as to who we are, what we do, and most importantly...How do we get RESULTS? What's our approach? Are we even knowledgeable?

Come and Find Out!

No Sales Pitch

There's no tacky, awkward sales pitch at the end. It's just a meeting of minds to facilitate some serious learning and up-skilling. Questions are encouraged and once again, it's a 'Workshop'. Not a Seminar. So, participation is encouraged!

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