Think you're going to get results doing a 'Workout' with a Trainer once a week? Guess again. All our Clients follow Periodised Programs and 'Train' specifically for their Goals. They don't workout. What's the difference?

"Give someone a fish, feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish, and feed them for an eternity."

Results are only achievable if you know what to do when you’re NOT with your coach. The Set Up phase is designed to do just that. Make you independent, and imbue you with confidence with your programming so that you can train effectively on your own. That's how you achieve results, and more importantly, keep them!

What's Included?

6 x 30-Minute Instructional Sessions

The set up phase covers the first 2-Weeks of Phase 1. You’ll be spending 6 x 30 minute sessions with your Coach during these first 2 weeks in an intensive 1 on 1 format. During this period you’ll cover some of the following:

  • Reading & Following Periodised Training Programs
  • Reading and Modifying Nutritional Overviews
  • Client Manual Review & Explanation
  • Technique & Form
  • Warm Ups & Cool Downs
  • Mobility Work & Stretches
  • Recording Lifts & Tracking Progress
  • Measuring and Determining %1RM
  • Intensity Regulation (Maximal & Sub-Maximal)



Periodised Nutrition Overviews

Nutrition is tricky. We don't just put our clients on Sub-1000 Calorie diets and starve them in order to achieve quick fat loss. Sure, that's a great way to get results quick, but we prefer to work with your Metabolism and achieve a sustainable and healthy environment that you can keep for life, and isn't detrimental to your health. Therefor, every client is treated as an individual, and variables are manipulated on an ongoing basis to 'Pick Your Fat Loss Lock'. Our goal is to have you eating as much food as possible at all times! That's the trick!



Periodised Training Programs

In order to provide continuous overload, so that your body is forced to adapt to the varying stimuli, your training programs are ‘Periodised’ and constantly regulated. Both your Strength, and Aerobic Conditioning Programs are scientifically designed just for you depending on your experience, goals and genetic disposition. No generic templates here. Nothing is left to chance. We also design your programs to address any structural imbalances you may have and vary the Volume, Intensity, Rep Ranges and Frequency on an ongoing basis to yield the most results in the shortest periods of time. Long story short, our goal is to get your Strong!

  • Note: These are not ‘Workouts’. These are comprehensive, state of the art training programs.
conditioning programs & workout log

conditioning programs & workout log

Starter Kit

Communication is essential. In order for your Coach to know exactly how you're progressing with everything, you need structure. By providing you with everything you need from the get go, the ball is in your court. It's the Client's responsibility to fill out their Log Books & Trackers on a daily basis. That way, when you see your Coach in the 'Coaching Phase', they'll know exactly where your at and what we need to work on. No more excuses!

Complete personal transformation - Starter kit

Complete personal transformation - Starter kit

We're aware that you may wish to use Digital Copies, however the Starter Kit is Compulsory for all Complete PT Clients. From our experience, everything needs to be 'bundled' as that's what's most convenient and when our Coaches see you with the Starter Kit out on the Gym Floor it re-assures us that you're following the program and recording your progress! Without the Starter Kit, it just gets messy!



After the Set-Up Phase we're confident that you you'll be well equipped to Train on your own in the gym. Great! This means it's time to progress to the next stage, the Coaching Phase.