We spend thousands on our cars, but then somehow struggle to invest in our bodies? A car is temporary. Our bodies we have for LIFE. Our bodies allow us to experience this amazing world we live in. It’s time to invest in our most important asset.

Why wait for results?

Train Now, Pay Later

Of course, cash flow and finances are an issue for most of us and at Complete PT we understand that. So we allow our clients to pay as they go. That way we can get you set up and on the way towards your goals as soon as possible, whilst giving you the flexibility of on-going payments so you don’t have to stress financially.

We’ve partnered up with EziDebit® to help streamline this whole process!

Send us an e-mail or contact us, and we’ll work on putting together a payment plan that works for the both of us. To download a Direct Debit Form, click the EziDebit Logo below & select 'Download'.