Looking for structure and professional guidance, but don’t have access to Complete PT for whatever reason? Well, our systems are easy to understand, and extremely comprehensive. The best part, it’s all digital! Meaning we can tell you what to eat and how to train as long as you have an internet connection!


We got you covered!


The systems and tools we provide you will be the exact same as the ones we provide our in-person clients. However, there will be a few additional musts which are listed below in ‘Delivery’. For information on what’s included in the services, please view our in-person services. For all online services, there is a minimum of 12-Weeks.


If you can’t do Skype, then we’ll be communicating via E-Mail. All content will be delivered in this manner. In order to assess progress you’ll be tracking and recording absolutely everything.

  • Sleep
  • Meal Compliance
  • Training Performance (Strength, PR’s, Energy Levels, Recovery)
  • Weekly Progression Photos (6 Shots - Get those selfie skills on point)
  • Daily AM Weigh Ins

It is recommended, that you perform at least one DEXA or BEI Scan prior to commencing. However, as we won’t be face to face it will be hard to track changes unless you do what is recommended above, as the DEXA & BEI Scans will be done once every 4 - 6 weeks.

Periodised Nutritional Programming

Nutrition needs to be structured. Period. Going through a regimented and structured eating routine in pursuit of your body composition goals must be done at least once. Do you have to be structured and regimented forever? Of course not. Once you’ve completed a 12-Week period with us and learnt how to eat effectively for your goals, you’ll be set for life. You’ll then be ‘aware’.



Periodised Strength & Conditioning Programs

It’s absolutely essential your not just going into the gym and doing work outs without any structure or periodization in place. Unless you’re a genetic freak, you will inevitably plateau or, train sub-optimally. Just because it’s working, doesn’t mean it’s optimal. We’ll be designing programs for you to ‘guide’ you in your training endeavors so that we’re using scientific principles to guarantee your results.

It is recommended, to get the best results from the custom designed program, that you have been weight training for at least 12-Weeks. If you have no weight training experience then we will not write a program for you until you have mastered the basics. The basics being:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Lunges/Step-Ups
  • Bench Press/Push-Ups
  • Rows
  • Chin Ups/Pull Ups (Male Only)

If you are competent in these lifts and have been performing them for the last 12 weeks without issues, then you are good to go. Your program will be only be designed AFTER you have provided us with an induction form providing extensive detailing of your Conditioning Background. 'Pricing' is done according to the complexity of the program. A program with 14 different splits, is significantly harder to design than a program with 3! For example, If you train 5 days a week, then you may have 3 - 5 training 'Splits' which will be designed by us. We will quote you a price for program design once we understand where your at, and what your goals are.

  • Note: If you want us to review your technique, feel free to film yourself performing that lift and upload it to YouTube (Set as Private) and we’ll be able to give you professional feedback at no additional cost. We encourage all on-line clients to do this.
Conditioning programs AND WORkOUT LOG

Conditioning programs AND WORkOUT LOG

Skype Consultations

Plain and simple. Face to face conversation for you to pick our brains and let us know what’s working for you and what doesn’t. It will pretty much be an in-person 1:1 session, except for the fact that we’re here, and your over there! These can be dynamic and in the gym even. Great for going over technique and getting assessed or obtaining feedback instantly. These are only available between the normal working hours of:

Monday to Friday - 8:30AM - 6:30PM (AEST)

Saturday & Sunday - 8:30AM - 1:00PM (AEST)

  • Note: For the best experience, we recommend at least doing 1 x Online Skype Consultation so that we can explain the 'ins-and-outs' of your Programs & Nutrition Overviews.

Although we never see each other face to face. It's absolutely essential you understand 2 important things. One, that we are in a relationship and it's just as if we were training in person. And two, that writing up your programs and nutrition overviews takes up a fair amount of time. It is expected, that as spots are limited, that the client will comply to the written materials to the best of their abilities.