The single most important thing you MUST do before commencing a journey is to know where you’re starting from. Besides, how do you draw a map from A to B, if you don’t even know where 'A' is? Enough guesswork. Let’s get serious!


"What Get's Measured, Get's Managed!"

What's Included?

Before & After Photos

We know, we know…No thanks! Who want’s to stand in-front of a camera and pose. Well, emotions aside, this is an extremely powerful medium for assessing progress. At Complete PT we take 6 specific shots to ‘capture’ the changes you make with your physique. It’s an absolute must.

  • Pro Tip: Want to know how to guarantee your success? Think you're 100% certain about making changes? Well, we challenge you to show your friends and family your before photo and tell them your goals & plans. It’s called social accountability & integrity. This one step profoundly improves your adherence, consistency and overall commitment to the process.

Body Composition Analysis; 12-Site Caliper Skin Folds.

Using top of the line Harpenden Calipers, we’ll be measuring 12 sites:

  • Chin
  • Cheek
  • Pectoral
  • Triceps
  • Sub-Scapular (Back)
  • Supra-Illiac (Love Handles)
  • Umbilical (Belly)
  • Mid-Axillary (Ribs)
  • Hamstring/Gluteal
  • Quadriceps
  • Knee
  • Calves





We’ll be using the raw data, which is the millimeters (mm) of the fold, to assess whether or not your dropping body fat! Alternatives to this are getting a DEXA scan at MeasureUp or a Bio-Electrical Impedance Scan at InBody Composition Australia.  Either way, we must measure body fat in some way or form. It’s essential for tracking progress.



Height, Weight, Girth & Blood Pressure

Standard! This info is needed in order to design your Nutritional Diet as well as to track circumference changes. Weight is also cross referenced with performance in the gym as well as your folds to understand what’s going on under that Epidermis of yours. And blood pressure is just to make sure your not experience Hyper/Hypo-Tension which will warrant a referral to your General Practitioner (GP).

Background Check & Review

A standard Pre-Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) which also includes:

  • Training Background
  • Current Nutritional Intake Review
  • Lifestyle Background Review (Digestion, Detoxification, Sleep, Stress, Women/Male Only etc.)
  • Medical Background & Medical Clearance
  • Injury/Limitation Background
  • Goals Analysis
  • Reality Check (Making sure we’re on the same page)
  • Consent

This will be e-mailed to you as a Digital Copy with Form Fills, prior to our In-Person Session. Alternatively, you can print it out, scan it, and send it back. This is to save time and deliver a more efficient service to our clients.

Comprehensive Induction Form

Comprehensive Induction Form

Movement Profiling & Dynamic Structural Assessment

Before we put pen to paper, or should we say finger to key, we need to see how you’re ‘moving’. In a nutshell, all that an exercise is, is a movement plus resistance. So before we design our programs we want to be aware of what movement limitations are currently inhibiting you as well as any structural imbalances you are experiencing or creating. That way, we can factor that in when prescribing exercises during your program design. This is absolutely crucial.

And that’s it! Once we’ve gathered all this data about who you are and how you're going, we're then ready to design exercise and nutritional programs that are customised specifically for you. This means that they’re guaranteed to work!