Curious about how we can help? Are we the right match? What exactly is the 'Complete Personal Transformation'? Come in and have a chat! No obligations what so ever. We're just here to help!


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What's Included?

Comprehensive Induction Form

We'll email you our Comprehensive Induction Form for you fill out in your own time which you'll send back to use before we even meet. Here we'll learn about every area of your life such as your Nutritional & Lifestyle Background, Training Experience, Goals, Axiology (Values) , Medical Background, Injury Limitations as well as making sure you're as serious about change as we are.

"If a Coach is more dedicated than their Athlete, then that Coach is technically 'Pissing In The Wind'. We need to both be 100% committed to the end goal, or else we're going no where!"

Once we've received your form, we'll then arrange to have a chat in person where we'll do the following...


Nutrition Overview & Food Lists

Nutrition Overview & Food Lists


Identify Limitations

Once we've received your form, we'll be identifying areas that we know are 100% limiting you from achieving results. Are you drastically under-eating? Not progressively overloading your Strength work? Missing vital nutrients from your diet? Your Coach will flag these key areas for you to be aware of.

Set Priorities

Where should we start? We’ll explain what you need to focus on initially and why. Whether it be food choices, nutritional and training programming, time management solutions or a psychological re-wiring, we’ll identify what you need to prioritize in order to start achieving results immediately.

Highlight Strategies

How will we address areas of importance and what systems and structures will we set up to ensure progress and results? Failure to plan is planning to fail. So we’ll show you the master plan for you to understand.

Realistic Goal Setting

What can you actually achieve in 24-weeks with us? Given your own unique lifestyle and goals? We’ll run some realistic projections and goals based on what we discover about you and what we’re certain we can achieve during this duration

Determine Compatibility

Here your Coach will lay out whats expected from you as a client and whether or not it's realistic for us to be working together. Do we both have enough time in our schedules to accommodate for one another at this moment in time? Can you afford to spend 3 - 4 hours in the gym each week? Are you able to prepare meals consistently or do you need to outsource a meal provider? Is that affordable for you? It's crucial to make sure that we have everything in-check before we commence!


Ask away! Here you can ask your Coach any questions you may have about the Complete Personal Transformation. Clarity is priceless, and we don't want anyone to commit to something that they're not 100% certain about.

  • Note: We will not be giving exercise prescriptions or nutritional recommendations during this session.





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