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Questions are the answers.

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Starting Point Client Questionnaire

Diet, Training, Lifestyle, Medical & Injury Background

Goal Setting

Skin-Folds & Girth Measurements

Before Photos

Movement Analysis & Screening



Empowered clients get results. 

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Nutrition Plan

Weekly Overview

4-Week Training Program

Client Manual & Performance Tracker*

Instructional Sessions (30 - 60 Minutes)

These sessions are designed to teach you the movements and exercises in your Program and allow us to address any issues that may arise. Client's needs vary, so your Coach will determine the right amount of sessions for you. These range from just 2 sessions, to 4 or even 8. These sessions are also delivered in an intensive format, meaning they are delivered within a 1 to 2 week time span pending the availability of you and your Coach. 

*Hard Copy Booklets $30/Each - Digital Versions (FREE)



3. Coach

The human body is unique and adaptive. Thus, your approach must be unique and adaptive to ensure progress.



Ongoing Programming for Nutrition and Training at Clients Discretion - Recommended Duration is 24-Weeks. 

Coaching Session (30 - Minutes)

Skin-Folds, Girth & Weight Trend Analysis

Client Manual & Performance Tracker Review

Diet, Lifestyle & Training Adjustments

Goal Setting

Exercise & Technique Review


Optional - Client's have the option to do extra sessions with their Coach on a weekly basis if their budget allows or their Coach's schedule permits. 


Our Coaches have different rates for the services provided.

Please click here for Coaches & their Rates.