If you knew you were going to have your Progress assessed by your Coach every week, do you think you'll be more likely to stick to your Programs? Damn right you will!

"Assess. Adjust. Assess. Adjust...Progress!"

Results are only achievable if you know what to do when you’re NOT with your coach. The Set Up phase is designed to do just that. Make you independent, and imbue you with confidence with your programming so that you can train effectively on your own. That's how you achieve results, and more importantly, keep them!

What's Included?

Weekly Progress Checks

22 x Weekly Progress Checks

For the remaining 22-Weeks after the Set-Up Phase, you’ll be seeing your Coach a minimum of once a week for 30-Minutes. This is where the magic happens as changes that are paramount for long term sustainability and continuous progress are discussed and implemented.

Don’t like a certain food? Cool, let’s swap it out.

Exercise not working for you? No dramas, let’s get rid of it and replace it with something else. Too easy!

Confused about how to hit your Macros? Let us show you.

This is the difference between training and coaching. Constant support & modulation is crucial for program adherence. Program adherence is fundamental for results. During your Coaching Phase Progress Checks you’ll be covering the following:

  • Body Fat Assessment (Skin Folds)
  • Client Feedback & Review - Address Struggle Points
  • Programming Adjustments & Modifications
  • Client Manual Review
  • Strength Training Progress Assessment
  • Exercise Recap & Technique Refresher
  • Freestyle - Whatever needs to be addressed!
  • Q&A



Client Manual

Our Client Manual is crucial on your journey towards results. It has everything we need to track progress and determine what areas are prohibiting us from getting results. We track everything:

  • Sleep Quality/Quantity
  • Meal Compliance
  • Supplement Compliance
  • Training Compliance
  • Water Intake
  • AM Weigh-Ins
  • AM Temperature (Optional)

It also has everything from Food Lists, Macro-Nutrient Portions, Reference Lists, Supplement Information, Goals, Progress Reports and a quick primer on Metabolism. Everything that we've felt a need for since we started on our Journey to perfect the process of achieving results with our Clients. It's a game changer and completely stabilizes the entire experience.

Client manual preview   

Client manual preview


Training & Nutritional Programming

Comprehensive Training & Nutritional, Hard Copy Programs

Throughout the entire 24-Weeks, your Coach will be providing you with constant support and structure with anywhere from 6 - 12 different phases. Whatever we need to provide you to maximize your results over the 24-Week Period, we'll get it done. Everyone's different, so this varies from person to person. Expect a minimum of 6 phases.

Monthly Program Instructionals

5 x Program Instructional Sessions

Upon completion of a 4-Week Training Program, your Coach will design a new 4-Week Training Block for you progressing you from the previous phase. In this 60-Minute Session, your Coach will go through all 'Must-Know' information so that you can confidently train on your own for the following 4-Weeks. This will be designed based on your performance in the previous program.

Optional Session Add Ons

The Set Up & Coaching Phases are all you'll need to successfully exercise effective training programs on your own. However, if you feel the need to see your Coach more often or you'd like to do some 1 on 1 training sessions for that extra 'Pick Me-Up', you have the following Optional Add-On Sessions.







The Coaching Phase is what we pride ourselves on. It’s what really separates us from other fitness providers. We make sure that we provide you with structure for the 168 hours of the week because that’s what it takes to get results.

We also try our best as coaches to make sure that the structures are realistic and sustainable, because that’s how you get results, and more importantly, maintain those results!

However, please note that this will require you to get out of your comfort zone, and you will need to dedicate time, energy and focus to the process. We’ll make it as pleasant and enjoyable for you as possible, but your body will only change if you do.


$120/Week (PAYG)

Ready to get the show on the road?