Workshop: How To Lose Fat 101 - V2.0!

If you don't know the science of fat loss, then you're fighting an invisible enemy. In such a scenario, wishing you 'Good Luck' is extremely befitting.

Results are what we’re all here for. Right?

We want to see progress. Sure, you come to the gym and tell your trainer that you want to be 'fit'. But if I asked you..

'If you were to pay me for my services and not feel out of breath after walking up the stairs after working with each other for 12 weeks, how would you feel on a scale of 1-10? 1 being disappointed, and 10 being over the moon?'

I'd probably get a 4.

If I asked you:

'Well, what if you had lost 10cm off your waist line and we could see your abs? And you 'looked more toned'?

I'd definitely get a 10.

No one comes to the gym to look the same. We all want to see an improvement in our appearance. Exceptions exist, sure. But generally...We all want to see improvement. Why? Progress generates enthusiasm. Enthusiasm guarantees consistency. And consistency is the key to results. But how do you know if you're heading in the right direction week to week if you're not tracking progress? And how do you know what to change? When to change it? And how?

Welcome to the realm of body composition manipulation.

It's so simple! It's just about following being smart and strategic about achieving our desired goal and using the scientific method to get from A to B. However, it’s certainly not a straight path, and it’s taken me a lot of study and personal experience as well as financial expense to get to where I am today. Finally! Better late than never...Thus, it's now my duty to share my knowledge with you all so I can help fast track your results.

Nothing is more saddening to me, when I see people who have the will necessary to achieve change, but they simply just don’t know the right way to do it.

So, if you'd like to see what the difference is between a Personal Trainer, and a Body Composition Coach, as well as learning what is absolutely necessary for manipulating your body composition than you must come and have a listen.

This is a Workshop. Not a Seminar.

You're encouraged to share your thoughts and frustrations so that I can actually shed some light on what’s really going on. And give you that clarity you've been searching for. I’ll be working with you as opposed to preaching gospel. I guarantee you’ll appreciate what I have to share. If you're still not sure if this will benefit you or not, than ask yourself the following questions:

Do you…

Need to drop body weight, lose fat or ‘tone’ up?

Build lean muscle mass?

Have low energy levels?

Feel fatigued all the time?

Have more than 1 coffee a day to keep going?

Have low libido?

Struggle to recover from training or always feel tired?

See no improvements in strength or performance?

Feel completely lost about what to eat or what not to eat?

Get frustrated about conflicting nutritional advice?

Want to maintain your dream physique and not just ‘lose it’?

Simply want to learn how simple fat loss actually is?


Well, then you need to attend this seminar as your understanding of Fat Loss, Body Composition, and Metabolism will be completely overhauled. These bamboozling topics will be completely de-mystified and the sheer simplicity of the fat loss process will leave you feeling inspired and finally enthusiastic about your health and fitness journey.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. There’s also all the foods you enjoy at the end of the tunnel too. Life is about balance and enjoyment. I implore you to come and learn how you can achieve your dream body, but more importantly, how to enjoy the process and actually maintain your improved physique after you've attained it.

Knowledge is power. So get empowered!

I look forward to simplifying and educating whoever is interested.

Just like that!



Workshop Details


Group Fitness Studio, Fitness First, Randwick


Thursday, 3rd of December, 8PM - 9PM

Sunday, 13th of December, 12PM - 1PM

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